Directory Submission Service

Accelerate your website exposure and attract visitors in days, not months!

We submit your website to 100+ relevant directories. This is the fastest way for backlinks and traffic for you newly launched websites.

The list where we submit your new website is carefully curated to only include relevant and high authority links. The submission will help your website get discovered by humans and Google for much needed SEO* juice.

You save at least 17 hours by hiring us to do the submission for you, plus we submit to a few places that are hard to find with a simple google search.

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How it works


As soon as your order is placed, we review every element – the title, description, and screenshots. This diligent review enables us to create an impeccable listing that is tailored specifically to your app.



Once we have all the necessary information, we kick-start the process of submitting your website. We carefully complete all required fields, ensuring every detail is in place to optimizing for the best results.


Upon the completion of the submission process, we compile a comprehensive report, including live links, for your reference. Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the increased exposure and traffic.

Who’s this for?

Our submission service is perfect for any founder of a new website that haven’t been promoted on directories before.

If you lack the time or hate the promotion process we are here to help and make this experience as smooth as possible.

What founders say about our service

I love building products but I suck at marketing and team at Brainik manage to help me get the word out there about Hugo with their submission service .
Founder @HugoAI
I've used the service when I've launched our new AI integration with ChatGPT and it worked great, got over 100 new signups.
Alex D.
Founder H.Apps

We manually submit your website to over 100 high quality directories

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Whats included?

Boost your online presence with higher search rankings and more visitors to your site.



$199 $ 149
  • 100+ Directories Submission
  • Save 17 hours of manual work
  • Get app in front of users
save $50

Frequently asked questions

What happens after payment?

We will send you a form to complete your app details, title, description, pricing, screenshots and so on. If needed we might even jump on call to make sure all the details are correct.

How long does it take to submit my app after payment?

We submit your website to all directories in 24-48 hours after payment. Once we finish a complete report is sent to you via email.

What details do I need to provide?

We need the title, description, url and a screenshot to submit. Some of the directories will need to confirm some of the details, for that you will receive email confirmations.

How much traffic will I receive?

With our service we do our best to put you in front of as many users as possibile by submitting your app to quality directories but it mostly depends on your app, what problem does it solve and other factors. Some apps got up to 10k visits in 4 months.

*We make no guarantees that your site will be featured by any directory. Each directory has their own quality standards and will review each submission to make their decision.

*SEO factors are complex and we make no guarantees that we can influence your rankings in any way.

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