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Hugo AI Chrome Extension: Your online content assistant and companion

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How to use:

Go to any text box on a website like twitter, reddit and others( see the list below) and enter the Hugo command.

Write the following command:

hugo: write a tweet;[space key]

Once the content is generated please press the space key again so it the text is not deleted, the command will disapear. If you are unhappy with the result you can try the command again.

Current supported websites:

  • Websites with textboxes*
  • Google Email
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Stackoverflow
  • Medium
  • WordPress with Block Editor


we limit the text generation to be at 1024 tokens, we think this is optimum for generating content quickly.

List of commands:

  • hugo: some text;
  • rewrite: some text;
  • spanish: some text;
  • french: some text;
  • answer: some text;
  • grammar: some text;
  • code: some text;
  • more soon…

Hugo is free for 7 days and then only $3.25/month or $39/year. You don’t need to add your Open AI key, that’s included in our ultra affordable plan.

Install the Hugo extension and enjoy unlimited access to AI, we have some goodies on the other side.


If you need help please write us in the form below, we answer 24/7.

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