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Free global chats without regional or phone number restrictions, Claude 2's AI power behind

1. Powered by Claude 2 utilizes Claude 2's cutting-edge natural language processing API. It inherits Claude 2's advanced abilities like analyzing complex documents, generating code, summarizing long texts up to 100,000 tokens, and providing thoughtful, nuanced responses.

2. Unparalleled Document Comprehension can read and summarize extremely lengthy texts and documents thanks to Claude 2's massive 100k token context size - far beyond other chatbots. It seamlessly handles PDFs, Word, text files, and more.

3. Free to Use Globally
Unlike Claude 2's limited availability, provides free access to anyone globally. No need to be in the US or UK. This chatbot is accessible worldwide.

4. Allocated Message Quota
Users receive a generous free quota of 10-30 messages every 6 hours, depending on token usage. This allows frequent conversations without paying.

5. No Phone Number Required doesn't mandate phone number verification, preserving user privacy. You can chat anonymously without providing personal details.

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