URAI: An end-to-end user insights platform

URAI: An end-to-end user insights platform
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URAi is an end-to-end user insights platform that helps you collect and analyze user insights effortlessly, quickly, and affordably.
- Create a research plan and interview script in minutes. Simply share your goals and context with URAi, even if it’s short. URAi crafts a detailed research plan. Prepping for interviews? URAi also offers a practical user interview script structured around your goals.
- Let AI engage hundreds of your users at once for insights. Forget the hassle of drafting all the interview or survey questions. URAi has you covered. It tailors follow-up questions in real time based on user feedback for a smooth conversation.
- Analyze data and reports with actionable insights. Each interview session (whether it’s collected by URAi or your uploaded data) is summarized in a user-friendly format, with insights supported by user quotes.
- Transcribe audio and video. Upload original audio and video content, and let URAi transcribe and summarize for you.
- Build a knowledge library over time that answers your questions through chat

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