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&facts is the next-generation market research platform, connecting to billions of real-time consumer signals. For brands, &facts is the fastest and most accurate way to validate ideas, find new product opportunities and do market and product research.

&facts gives brands access to market insights driven by real-world data. We help them to launch the right products at the right time.

In a fast-moving world, slow research doesn't work. Right now, market research can take weeks as you conduct surveys, focus groups or buy expensive reports.

With &facts, you get real-world insights in real-time. Our real-world insights tell you what customers are doing right now so you can always keep on top.

- Insights powered by billions of consumers: Our insights provide a real view into consumer behaviour
- We tell you what is happening: Use our insights to keep on top of changing consumer habits
- Automated analysis: We understand what modern brands needs, so you get pre-analysed insights from the moment you search

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